3505 N Clark St, Chicago IL 60657

T 773.644.5554

F 773.755.6121

Non Game Day Hours:

  • Monday: 4pm-Close
  • Tuesday: 4pm-Close
  • Wednesday: 4pm-Close
  • Thursday: 4pm-Close
  • Friday: 4pm-2am
  • Saturday: 10am-3am
  • Sunday: 4pm-Close

Cubs Hours:

  • Open at 10am for 12:05pm and 1:20pm games
  • Open at 11am for 3:05pm games
  • Open at 4pm for 7:05pm games


For general inquiries please contact:


For parties please contact:


Evening Dress code:
No excessively baggy, ripped, frayed or loose-fitting clothing, low or “sagging” pants, athletic wear of any kind (including – but not limited to – jerseys, sweat pants, hats, sweatshirts, shorts, running/basketball/tennis/Air Jordans/sporting shoes, etc.), undershirts, tank tops/cut-offs, bandanas or “do-rags,” construction/work boots, flip flops, offensive or obscene clothing, any garment deemed affiliated with gang attire (including colors or insignia), backpacks or bags (aside from purses), Upscale nightlife attire is strongly recommended. *Cubs wear on game days is welcomed!




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